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and thrive in a digital world
We will increase your sales, profits and opportunities of your business in the Internet.
We use all available Internet marketing tools to obtain the desired result: SMM; Google Adwords; Targeted Advertising; SEO optimization of websites.
We could analyze your Instagram account
A team of 6 specialists will be working on your project at a cost less than your regular employee receives.
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Our approach is based
on numbers and analytics
  • Prescribe KPI in the contract
    For you it is confidence in the result and accurate planning of the advertising budget
  • Plan a budget based on objectives
    You know exactly how much it costs to make a brand recognizable, launch advertising and attract a customer
  • Show you the price of each service
    You can control the cost of content production by adjusting its volume
  • Do A/B testing
    Find the method that brings the best price of a subscriber/ lead/ click
Let's talk about your project
Let's talk about your project
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Clients who trust us:
Up to 33% discount
Our content managers just have ended 2 projects, discount only up to the 12.10.2022!
Our cases:
  • Official dealer of "Karcher"
    • conversion rate of the online shop = 10%;
    • our services pay off monthly,
    • with ROMI 4000%+;
    • a "warm lead" costs — $1.8 USD.;
    • sales per month — 64
  • Coffee roasting company "UNEX.COFFEE 1998"
    • 2 million people saw the AD in 6 months;
    • daily orders via social media - 30;
    • all the content of @unex_coffee1998 - are made by us;
    • regular photo and video shoots.
  • Chain of salons of brand glasses and watches "Actual Optic"
    • our ad campaigns' conversion rate — 14%;
    • our services paid off in 30 days;
    • the price of the application — $0.7 USD.
Range of services
SMM - brand/product promotion
Instagram account promotion
Facebook promotion
Development of Internet marketing strategies
Increasing brand awareness
Increasing the number of subscribers in IG
Targeted advertising
Contextual advertising Google AdWords
What are the advantages of Mark&Co?
Experienced specialists
We have a team of professional employees who know all the trends
Well-established processes
All the tasks are structured on Bitriks24, that ensures project continuity
Personal visual style
No templates. We create custom designs using Figma and PS editors
Analysis of the target audience
We explore the target audience and its preferences and needs
Developing a competitive strategy
Choose a promotion strategy based on the current market situation
Launched more than 5000 advertising campaign
Our experience in various niches will reduce your advertising costs
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